Sweet Potato Frittata

This frittata is packed with flavor and sure to chase egg boredom away. Serve hot or cold; it keeps well in the refrigerator to enjoy for days. A warning: it’s so good, even with the best intentions, the Sweet Potato Frittata won’t last long.

Serves 6

4 tsp extra-virgin olive oil

1 medium yam, peeled and cut crosswise into thin slices

½ large yellow onion, cut in thin slices

¼ sweet red bell pepper, cut in thin strips

1 tsp thyme or more to taste

½ small ham steak cut into thin pieces, ½-inch long, about ½ cup

½ of 3-ounce package of chopped pancetta

Kosher salt and freshly ground pepper

1 small jar quartered marinated artichoke hearts or bottoms

5 sprigs tarragon, 3 chopped and 2 reserved for garnish

6–8 springs parsley, chopped (need a good handful)

6 eggs

½ apple, Granny Smith or other tart variety

2–3 Tbsp unsalted butter

  1. In a large sauté pan, heat 2 teaspoons of oil on medium-low. Add yam slices and sauté 1-2 minutes. Remove to plate.
  2. In the same pan, heat 1 teaspoon oil on medium. Sauté onion and pepper for 3–4 minutes until onions are translucent. Sprinkle with thyme. Add yam to onion mixture. Salt and pepper. Continue to cook.
  3. Meanwhile, place chopped ham and pancetta in a small sauté pan with 1 teaspoon oil and cook over medium heat for 5 minutes until slightly brown. Add to yam mixture. Add more oil if needed. Season with salt and pepper to taste. Cook until the yam slices are mostly cooked through but are still firm enough to retain their shape. Add the artichokes, chopped tarragon, and parsley. Turn the mixture carefully.
  4. Beat eggs in a bowl. Add eggs to the yam mixture. Allow the eggs to seep to the bottom of the pan by opening up the yam mixture with spatula. Cook the frittata on medium heat, running the spatula along the pan rim to separate the tortilla from the pan. Repeat several times. After a few minutes, lower the heat to prevent burning and to ensure the eggs cook evenly.
  5. Cook until the sides are firm and lightly browned (the top of the frittata should be mostly cooked, but only firm enough to turn and still runny in parts).
  6. Slice ½ apple into thin slices. In a small sauté pan, melt a tablespoon of butter over medium-low heat. Add a sprig of tarragon for flavoring. Add the finely-sliced apples and cook over medium heat until apples are slightly brown.
  7. When the frittata is cooked on one side and ready to turn, place a dinner plate or other flat lid over the pan and invert frying pan. Slide the frittata, uncooked side down back into the pan to finish cooking, approximately 3–5 minutes. Once the frittata has finished cooking, slide it onto a serving platter. Altogether the tortilla should take approximately 15–20 minutes after the eggs have been added.
  8. Decorate the top of the tortilla with the apple slices using a circular pattern and add sprigs of tarragon before serving.