Nut butter

There is a kind of guilt to publishing recipes like these. They are so incredibly simple. I do remember the very first time Julie told me how to make nut butter. I think I checked on it about 17 times to make sure it was OK. Really folks . . . just walk away for 5–10 minutes and come back to wonderful butter. If you’re making a list of reasons to go get a nice Cuisinart food processor, put these recipes in the top 5.

The sky is the limit on how many different combinations of nuts you can use. Below are our three favorites.

Almond Butter

4–5 cups (600–750 g) almonds

Pecash Butter

3 cups (450 g) raw cashews
2 cups (200 g) pecan halves

Walecan Butter

2 cups (200 g) walnuts
3 cups (300 g) pecans

  1. Make sure you have the chopping blade in your food processor (as opposed to the dough blade). Pour all the nuts in the bowl of the processor and turn on.
  2. Allow the processor to run for 8 or 10 minutes or until you have nice creamy butter.
  3. If you simply can’t stand it, about 5 minutes in stop the motor and scrape all the nut fragments off the walls of the processor bowl. From there, just let it keep working.

Variations—Consider adding ½ teaspoon of your favorite spice or taste. Examples include instant espresso, cinnamon, chipotle powder, nutmeg, vanilla, or citrus zest. You can also use roasted nuts to bring a different flavor to the butter. If you prefer a chunky nut butter, add in some whole nuts for the last minute or two until the desired texture is reached.