Pineapple salsa

Fresh pineapple is one of those fruits that just makes you feel you are on a tropical island, even if you’re thousands of miles away. We don’t typically have pineapple too much throughout the year because of the sugar content, but when we do, this salsa is one that I love to create. It goes great over a piece of grilled fish (like a wild salmon or even some of the milder white fishes) or it can take ordinary grilled chicken or grilled shrimp to a more tropical place. If you don’t have some fresh pineapple, this salsa is also delicious with some mangos.

1 medium pineapple
1 red pepper, diced
¼ cup (6 g) cilantro, chopped
1 tablespoon fresh mint, chopped
1 jalapeño, minced
1 lime, juiced
¼ teaspoon paprika
¼ teaspoon cayenne pepper (optional)

  1. Cut off top and base of pineapple, and peel, cutting out all the pineapple “sockets.”
  2. Cut pineapple in quarters lengthwise, removing core. Cut pineapple into small dice.
  3. Combine pineapple dice with remaining ingredients in a mediumsized bowl.

Ingredient Notes—When looking for a ripe pineapple, first check and smell the stem end of the fruit. It should smell sweetly of pineapple, and should have a yellow-gold color to it. Look for that color to be throughout the fruit, as that usually indicates ripeness throughout. We don’t suggest using canned pineapple for this recipe, as most brands have a lot of added sugar, and fresh pineapple just plain tastes better. If you are adverse to salsas with a kick, keep the jalapeño out of the salsa!