Sautéed and Spicy Mushrooms

Mushrooms have a deep, meaty flavor, and the spicy paprika in this recipe gives them an added flair. They serve as a great side to many meals, but beautifully accent and create an added depth to beef dishes. This recipe is versatile, so feel free to choose what type of mushroom and spices you use! Shiitake mushrooms with a splash of coconut aminos and wasabi or portobello mushroom caps with Cajun seasoning are highly recommended.
Serves 2

2 tablespoons olive oil
2 tablespoons minced onion
2 tablespoons chopped celery
2 tablespoons minced garlic
2 cups button mushrooms
1–2 teaspoons hot paprika
1⁄2 teaspoon teaspoon cayenne pepper
3 tablespoons white wine
Salt and pepper, to taste

  1. Heat olive oil over medium heat in a large frying pan. Add onion, celery, and garlic to the pan and sauté for 6–7 minutes. Add mushrooms, paprika, and cayenne pepper and cook for another 6–7 minutes.
  2. Turm heat up to medium-high and let vegetables simmer for another minute. Add wine once the mushrooms start to smoke slightly. Let the wine evaporate and reduce. Sprinkle mushrooms with salt and pepper to taste and serve warm.